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Not only is the British a nation of shop keepers, they are also a nation of shed owners and you would be surprised to find what is being manufactured in sheds around the British Isles.

I have quite a few friends who work as North London escorts in London from, and they have been telling me some really funny stories about their clients. All North London escorts have their own sex toys, but some clients are now beginning to bring in their own home made sex toys. My girlfriends think this is not only hilarious but it can be dangerous as well.

The dangers of homemade sex toys

North London escorts are used to working with all different kinds of sex toys, and they don’t mind at all. One thing most North London escorts will not entertain is homemade sex toys.

First of all they don’t know how safe they are, and what type of material they contain. Some metals and plastics can cause severe reactions. A vibrator containing nickel can cause sores in the skin, and may even cause blistering. Of course, this is not only unsightly but it will stop the girl from working.

Some plastics are also not safe to use. There are plastics which are more prone to bacterial growth and if you play with sex toys a lot, you do want to avoid infections.

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Plug in electrical sex toys are also a no go area for all North London escorts. They can cause electrocution, and if not, burns to sexual organs which are both painful and embarrassing. All North London escorts that I know will refuse these type of “plug into the mains” sex toys straight away.

Hygiene matters

As all North London escorts know hygiene matters when it comes to sex toys. All sex toys used by North London escorts and porn stars must be easy to wipe clean, and made out of material which cannot be damaged by cleaning fluids or gels.

Sometimes lubricants and oils are used by North London escorts when they play with sex toys, so it is very important that all materials are tested to withstand gels and oils. Some plastic can become fragile when they come in contact with certain gels used in the sex industry.

Safety in Water

Whilst there are some toys which can be safely used in water, many homemade toys are not up to it. The toy may not be able to stand the hot water of a whirl pool bath or a Jacuzzi, and may even be effected by some of the commonly used water chemicals such as chlorine.

Manufacturing Standards

All sex toys have manufacturing standards and should meet certain requirements. If you do enjoy playing with sex toys, you should always make sure you buy toys from a well-known outlet. This outlet can be based on the high street or on the internet.

Most shops selling sex toys have very high standards, and North London escorts often have their own favorite shops which they rely on.

Should you make and use your own toys? There is really no need. Most shops have an excellent variety on offer and you may even come up with some new fun, sexy ideas when you browse their site or latest brochure. Do what all North London escorts do, invest in quality toys which will give you pleasure for years to come.

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